Wampa Rug Price Comparison

Price Comparison

Here at WampaRug.com, we believe in directing you to the highest quality rug at the most affordable price possible. While other vendors out there may charge over $120 for the same exact Wampa Rug that we are directing you to, you can be sure that you will not be overcharged like they would do to you. Why pay upwards of $150 before shipping when we direct you to Star Wars Rugs for a price much less. We are so positive that we direct you to the lowest price online for this Wampa Rug that we have created a comparison chart for you. We searched the internet for every other vendor who carries the same exact rug as this. None of them were even able to come within $25 after shipping of this price!. Stores such as the Star Wars Shop and Amazon fail to feature this great item.

Website MSRP Price Discounted Price Shipping Cost Final Cost
7 Shop.StarWars.com - - - No Rug
1 WampaRug.com (via Thinkgeek.com) 99.99 $10* $11.29 – $20.69** $101.28 – $110.68
2 Entertainmentearth.com 119.99 None 15.95 135.94
3 (Toynk Toys) 139.99 None 11.99 151.98
4 Newegg.com 153.98 None Free 153.98
5 ManOfActionFigures.com 149.00 None 34.00 183.00
6 Walmart.com - - - No Rug

As shown on the chart, purchasing your Wampa Rug through Thinkgeek can save you a MINIMUM of $25. Imagine all of the things that you can do with an extra $25 in your pocket. Perhaps go to a baseball game or take your significant other out to dinner? Maybe buy an Empire Strike Back DVD Special Edition Version? The ways that you can spend it really are endless. There is no reason to waste your hard earned money by paying extra money for the same exact rug that we can direct you to. We take pride in helping you find the lowest price around for this Star Wars Rug. If you can find a site that beats this price, we ask that you please let us know. We promise that we will promptly correct the price difference. To view this Wampa Rug, please see the link below.

Wampa Rug

* Discount when coupon code 1KBB is used at checkout
** Shipping varies depending on your part of the country