Wampa Plush

The Empire Strikes back is widely regarded as one of the best Star Wars films ever made. It is a lot darker than the other films and it contains some unforgettable scenes. One of these scenes is the aftermath of the Battle of Hoth. Young Jedi Luke Skywalker is taken hostage by what appears to be a giant polar bear. As things start to look bleak for young Luke, he manages to get his light saber, cut off the white monster’s arm and eventually escape. You may be wondering what this giant polar bear looking monster actually is. He is actually referred to as a Wampa! While he may appear scary and hungry on the big screen, he is not as bad as he seems. This is why we also direct you to an 18″ Wampa Plush Doll!

This Wampa Plush Doll is being offered for a limited time only. A total of 1980 (The year The Empire Strikes Back Opened) were manufactured. When those are gone, than this item will be gone forever. Here is your chance to add a very rare Star Wars collectible piece to your collection. As all of your friends show off their unoriginal Darth Vader Dolls, you can really impress everyone with a truly unique item.

This Wampa Plush Doll is made of soft enough material that you can display proudly, but also cuddle with. The doll comes with a velcro arm that can be attached and detached to mimic the classic film scene. The Wampa Plush also comes with a Star Wars Celebration logo at the bottom to guarantee authenticity. This doll goes great alone or combined with a Wampa Rug.

It is our goal to direct you to the lowest price for this Wampa Plush Doll. We also make it a priority to guarantee that you are completely satisfied with your order. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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