Star Wars Wampa Information

Wampa Characteristics and History

Watching the classic Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back, you are sure to have seen the large, white, furry, monster that ambushes and takes Luke Skywalker back to his lair. While this may look like a polar bear, he is actually known as a Wampa. A Wampa is a creature that can be compared to a Yeti. In the Star Wars universe, they live on one of the colder planets in the Hoth solar system. Wampas actually have 5 fingers on each hands with very large, sharp claws. Along with these deadly claws, Wampas also have razor sharp teeth. They also have a horn on both sides of their heads that seems to curl around to the front of their face.

Wampas are thought to be of low intelligence. One of their main benefits is their memories though. They are able to remember events that happened many years ago and use this knowledge to their advantage. While Wampa’s usually hunt on their own, they will sometimes work together when they appear to be over matched.

Wampas Appearances

The Wampas first appearance was in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes back. He has made other appearances since that time in various outlets.

  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Star Wars Expanded Universe
  • Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
  • Family Guy

Wampa Fun Facts

  • In the Expanded Universe, Luke returns to Hoth years later and encounters the same Wampa. He knows this as the arm is still cut off from their first meeting. The Wampa remembers Luke and attacks him. Luke goes on to kill the Wompa once and for all.

  • Wampas were actually planned to make additional appearances in The Empire Strikes Back. In one of these scenes, a Wampa broke into the Echo base and tried to attack R2-D2. A rebel soldier went on to kill the Wampa and Save C3PO.