Star Wars Rug Benefits

Why You Should Add a Star Wars Wampa Rug to Your Home

Wampa Star Wars Rug

It is a well-known fact that the type of rug that you display on your floor can speak volumes about your personality. Do you really strive to be like every other boring and cliché person out there who displays rugs with no character or uniqueness? If your goal is to break apart from the rest and really show your love for Star Wars, than a Star Wars Wampa Rug is the perfect addition to your home. Besides the fact that a Wampa Rug is an extremely comfortable and great looking rug, it is also an excellent addition to any Star War’s fans collection of movie memorabilia. Here are 4 reasons why adding a Wampa Rug to your home will enhance the look and feel while adding a classic piece of memorabilia to your arsenal.

1. Unbeatable Quality and Value – How many times have you been excited about a new product or gadget that you purchased only to end up extremely disappointed when you find out that you have bought a low quality item? Here at, we strive to direct you to the highest quality product possible in order to help you avoid having these feelings of disappointment. These Star Wars Rugs are made with High-quality synthetic fur in order to guarantee that your Wampa Rug lasts for years to come. While many times a product will make you choose between quality and affordable price, we do not believe in giving you such an ultimatum. Besides directing you to an extremely high quality rug, we are also proud to say that we direct you to the Star Wars Rug at the lowest price on the internet! While other online retailers charge upwards of $130 to $180, we help you find the same rug available for prices considerably less. No one currently offers this Wampa Rug within $25 of the store we direct you too! Imagine what you can do with all of the extra money that you will save. Perhaps pick up a Darth Vader Toaster or a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag? The possibilities are truly endless. With all of the memorabilia that is available from the Star Wars films, we are sure you can think of something.

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2. Great Gift for Christmas or Birthday – You probably know the feeling. A friend of yours, or maybe a colleague, is having an upcoming birthday. You literally have no idea what to get them. In the past, you may have purchased them a generic gift such as a coffee maker or a gift certificate and could sense that they were appreciative but not exactly beaming with excitement. Here is your chance to really light up your best buddy or bosses eyes, when they unwrap their one of a kind Star Wars Wampa Rug. When they think back to their birthday, they will probably forget all of the Olive Garden dollars, but they are sure to remember your gift.

Star Wars RugWampa RugWampa Star Wars Rug

3. Unique Piece of Memorabilia – As a true Star Wars fan, you probably love watching all 6 of the films again and again and again. They offer drama, adventure, and suspense all in one. If you are like many other people out there, your favorite film is The Empire Strikes Back. Episode 5 has an extremely memorable scene where Luke Skywalker is taken captive by the giant white creature known as the Wampa. When it seems like all hope is lost, young Skywalker uses his powers taught to him by Obi-Wan to slay the monster and take another step in becoming a Jedi Master. What better way to add to your growing collection of Star Wars items than to add a rug of the famous Wampa beast himself? While everyone else has action figures of Han Solo and Darth Vader or a toy Millennium Falcon, you are sure to have a piece not every Star Wars fan will own.

4. Functional – Many times when you buy a piece of memorabilia from a movie, the item has no other use than to sit on a shelf or in the attic? The wonderful thing about a Wampa Rug is that it not only acts as a unique and important piece to remind you of your favorite movie franchise, but it also has everyday use. This Star Wars rug is extremely comfortable to stand on or lay on. You can even sleep on it!